Broadway Regional Wastewater Treatment Facility Control System
Broadway, VA
Fairwinds Automation designed and implemented the control system for a major nutrient removal process upgrade at this 2 million gallon per day (MGD) regional wastewater treatment plant located in Broadway, VA.

Central to this project was replacement of the legacy supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system with a state-of-the-art SCADA system built on the Inductive Automation Ignition platform. This innovative system will provide many years of reliable process monitoring and control to the plant operations staff. The SCADA system was custom designed to enhance operator situational awareness using the below features.
  • Graphical process representation of all phases of wastewater treatment, from nutrient removal to clarification to UV treatment to chemical treatment
  • Sophisticated alarms with multiple severity levels, allowing operators to quickly identify the most serious conditions requiring immediate action
  • Alarm notification by means of email, text messages, and automated phone calls, based on operator shift schedules, ensuring that the proper staff members are quickly informed of critical alarming conditions
  • Secure remote access to the SCADA system from PCs, tablets, Android smartphones, and iPhones, allowing operators 24/7 access from anywhere
SCADA screen showing wastewater treatment basin with alarms (lower left) and customizable process trend chart (lower right)
Mobile app for Android and Apple smartphones provides secure remote access from anywhere
Intuitive graphical presentation of the treatment process with major process values displayed
Fairwinds Automation also designed the process control algorithms and programmed a Modicon programmable logic controller (PLC) to perform sophisticated closed-loop control of dissolved oxygen levels throughout the treatment basin. The PLC performs multiple concurrent process control loops to ensure that the treatment process maintains stable process parameters during variable flow conditions. The control process utilizes the full range of modern digital control strategies, including:
  • Feed-forward control for damping of upstream process transients
  • Bumpless transfer from manual to automatic control
  • Output rate limits to control excessive transient response and overshoot
The new control system is integrated with a network of legacy PLCs that will continue to provide data from existing equipment to the new control system. Integration with existing plant equipment helped keep the budget under control and minimize the plant downtime necessary to install and cut over to the new control system.

Fairwinds Automation provided detailed specifications for the new process instrumentation at the plant, to include digital flow meters, automatic flow control valves, motor current sensors, and temperature sensors.  Additionally, Fairwinds Automation provided detailed designs of the industrial communication network, tying together equipment from about a dozen manufacturers in a plant-wide data network.

Fairwinds Automation developed a process simulator that allowed for sophisticated and through testing of the plant control strategies and control logic in the development lab. This helped to minimize on-site integration and troubleshooting time, ensuring that the project remained on schedule.

This is an ongoing project with expected completion date of early 2017. Fairwinds Automation is pleased to be part of this project that will assist in providing safe and reliable wastewater treatment for the Broadway region for years to come.